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Peter Schreiner
CoGREE Moderator
Schreiberstr. 12
48149 Muenster

Kuyk, E., Jensen, R., Lankshear, D., Löh Manna, E. and Schreiner, P. (Eds.) (2007) Religious Education in Europe : Situation and current trends in schools, IKO - Publishing House, Oslo. 245 pp., 24,50 €, available from: IKO publishing house and

Keast, J. (Eds) (2007): Religious diversity and intercultural education: a reference book for schools, Council of Europe Publishing available from:

Schreiner, P., Kraft, F. and Wright, A. (Eds) (2007) Good Practice in Religious Education in Europe : examples and perspectives of primary schools, 158 pp., 19,90 €, Münster: LIT Verlag.

Jackson, R., Miedema, S., Weisse, W., Willaime J.P. (Eds) (2007): Religion and Education in Europe, 286 pp, 24,90 €, Münster: Waxmann

Schreiner, P., Pollard, G., Sagberg, S. (Eds.) (2006) Religious Education and Christian Theologies. Some European Perspectives, 167 pp., 19,90 €, Münster:Waxmann

A series of books, "Religious Diversity and Education in Europe" can be seen on the Waxmann website. This series includes:

  • Erna Zonne: Interreligiöses und interkulturelles Lernen an Grundschulen in Rotterdam Rijnmond. Eine interdisziplinäre religionspädagogische Studie des Umgangs mit der Pluralität der Weltanschauungen - link
  • Geir Afdal: Tolerance and the curriculum. Conceptions of tolerance in the multicultural unitary Norwegian compulsory school - link
  • Robert Jackson, Siebren Miedema, Wolfram Weisse, Jean-Paul Willaime (Hrsg.): Religion and Education in Europe. Developments, Contexts and Debates - link
  • Cok Bakker, Hans-Günter Heimbrock (Hrsg.): Researching RE Teachers. RE Teachers as Researchers - link
  • Thorsten Knauth, Dan-Paul Jozsa, Gerdien Bertram-Troost, Julia Ipgrave (Hrsg.): Encountering Religious Pluralism in School and Society. A Qualitative Study of Teenage Perspectives in Europe - link
  • Ursula McKenna, Julia Ipgrave, Robert Jackson: Inter Faith Dialogue by Email in Primary Schools. An Evaluation of the Building E-Bridges Project - link
  • Pille Valk, Gerdien Bertram-Troost, Markus Friederici, Céline Béraud (Hrsg.): Teenagers' Perspectives on the Role of Religion in their Lives, Schools and Societies. A European Quantitative Study - link
  • Anna van der Want, Cok Bakker, Ina ter Avest, Judith Everington (Hrsg.): Teachers Responding to Religious Diversity in Europe. Researching Biography and Pedagogy - link
  • Ina ter Avest (Hrsg.): Education in Conflict - link
  • Wilna A.J. Meijer: Tradition and Future of Islamic Education - link

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