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Religare - a CoGREE position paper: The RELIGARE project is about religions, belonging, beliefs and secularism in Europe. It examines the legal rules protecting or limiting (constraining) the experiences of religious or other belief-based communities. Where the practices of communities or individuals do not conform to State law requirements, or where communities turn to their own legal regimes or tribunals, the reasons behind these developments need to be understood

CoGREE is involved in a number of projects in Europe:

  • The CoGREE reader - go
  • The CoGREE invited consultation - go
  • New education programmes - go
  • ICCS report - go

1. CoGREE reader: Committed to Europe's Future

Contributions from Education and Religious Education, edited by Peter Schreiner, Hans Spinder, Jeremy Taylor, Wim Westerman on behalf of the Coordinating Group for Religious Education in Europe - CoGREE in co-operation with the Comenius-Institut, Münster/Germany, Münster 2002.

The purpose of the reader. The documents, papers and statements included in this collection should enable readers to become acquainted with:

  • Current European developments and central issues of debate
  • The dynamics of the discussion on Education in Europe
  • The state of Religious Education in Europe.

Available as a CD-ROM through the CoGREE secretariat for 5 Euro plus mailing costs, or by clicking here (PDF-488kb) [please note that the contacts in this publication are out of date and you should check this website for current information]

2. CoGREE invited consultation

  • Statement (pdf - 173kb)

3. New education programmes

CoGREE has participated in a consultation process of the European Commission on the future development of European Union programmes in education, training and youth.

  • CoGREE statement (Word - 31.3kb).

4. ICCS Report, "Giving Europe a Heart and Soul"

  • This report can be downloaded here (pdf - 472 kb)

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