The International Association for Christian Education is an umbrella organisation of Protestant national associations and organisations of teachers and schools (members from 8+ countries). The self-understanding of IV is to act as a council, which represents the interests of its members on the European level. It encourages co-operation amongst its member organisations and works on issues of the realisation of Christian responsibility in education in Europe. Its aim is also to strengthen the Protestant position in the discussion of education policy in Europe.

Announcements of seminars / conferences

The General Assembly 2010 was held in Hanover 5th-6th, November, 2010 at the office of the Evangelische Kirche. Main subject was „Being a teacher in a Protestant School“ . Find the presentations at the Website, s. v. AMV 2010

The General Assembly 2011 took place in Strasbourg, 4th-5th, November, 2011, at the Chapitre de Saint Thomas, and dealt with „Facets of Christian Education in Europe“, with contributions from Hans Hisch (EUFRES and Pilgrim Schools) and James Barnett. For details see the Website, s. v. AMV 2011

The General Assembly 2012 will be held in Cieszyn (Poland), 9th -10th November, 2012. Issues to deal with are "Protestant School in Eastern Central Europ" and "School Chaplaincy in Protestant Schools". Contributions will come from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. For further information see the Website.

IV Seminar in Bad Wildbad 2011: The Seminar "European Citizenship for the future: the Christian contribution to education for democracy“ took place in Bad Wildbad, Germany from April 26th-29th. See the summary document as a presentation or a PDF

IV Seminar in Bad Wildbad 2013 will take place 2nd -5th April, 2013. The main topic is „Dancing with difference in Europe – Chances for Education from a Christian Perspective“. Details are to come soon at IV Website

A conference, organized in cooperation with ICCS in Prague on the issue ‘Education between employability and personal development. The conference was from 29th June to 3rd July, 2011 - see the conference website

"Church Schools and Citizenship", a School Leaders Education Visit to Wales and England is organized, in cooperation with ICCS, 6th -10th  March, 2012. The programme will go for a second run, 16th to 20th April, 2013. For details and applications contact the secretary, gerhard.pfeiffer@fen-net.de



  • President: Dr Wim Kuiper (NL) – wkuiper@verus.nl
  • Secretary: Dr Gerhard Pfeiffer (D) - gerhard.pfeiffer@fen-net.de
  • Treasurer: Bertrand Knobel (CH)
  • Advisor for Central and Eastern European issues: Rita Révész (H)

Member in CoGREE: Wim Kuiper (NL) and Gerhard Pfeiffer (D).

For more details on the organisation see the Website


  • A common Newsletter from IV and ICCS was published in English, German and French, June, 2012. see www.int-v.org