The Intereuropean Commission on Church and School is a network of churches, institutes for education and religious education, and state organisations ( from 20 European countries) which deal with education and RE. ICCS creates a forum especially to discuss the relations between church and school. The work will foster an ecumenical orientation also in relation with other religions.

A European Conference has been held in Prague from June 29th to July 3rd 2011, "Employability, Mobility and Flexibility. European demands challenging Religion and Education" - more

Website for the conference in Berlin, Sept 2008
Concepts of teaching and learning: discussion paper (Word - 48kb)
Giving Europe a hear and soul (pdf - 472 kb)

President: Dr Peter Schreiner (Germany) president@iccsweb.org
Secretary: Dr Tania ap Sion (Wales) secretary@iccsweb.org
Member in CoGREE: Dr Peter Schreiner (Germany) president@iccsweb.org

for more details see the website