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CoGREE was established in 1998 to strengthen the cooperation among those networks and organisation who support RE in Europe. CoGREE consists of representatives of the organisations described under 'members'. The group meets regularly twice a year on invitation of one of the member organisations.

Further information: What is CoGREE? (pdf - 62 KB)

The steering group of CoGREE

Dr Gerhard Pfeiffer (IV)
Wim Westerman (EAWRE)
Hans Hisch (EUFRES)
Lesley Prior (EFTRE)
Dr Peter Schreiner (ICCS)

Note: Other members of the representative organisations may also attend the steering group meetings.

Moderator: Dr Peter Schreiner (ICCS) []
Secretary: Lesley Prior (EFTRE) []

Web Officer : Paul Hopkins: []

For press statements, media contacts and other official statements please contact:

Dr Peter Schreiner
Schreiberstraße 12
48149 Münster
+49 02 51 98101-0